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If you’re willing to DIY your publishing journey but need help on deciding the best way to publish, I can help.

There is so much publishing and book marketing advice out there, it’s hard to decide what’s right for you.

Together, we can discuss the challenges your facing, weigh the options, and find the best way forward for you and your books.

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The book marketing challeng you’re facing might fit into one of the categories above. Or it’s complicated. Either way, I’m here to help.

New to Publishing or Book Marketing?

Publishing Process

You have a completed manuscript! But now what? I can help guide you through the “now what” world. Ask me anything about distribution strategies, publishing process, and launch marketing. I can help guide you through the world of information to find out which approach is best for you and your dream author career.

Indie Publishing Launch Process

You want to publish on your own? Amazing! Need some help? After managing the launch process of over 60 books, I will empower you to publish your book. I’ll answer your questions to get you through the areas of resistance. I can’t wait to see your literary dream come true.

General Book Marketing Advice

You don’t want to be that person who just says “buy my book” all the time. I can help you feel empowered about marketing your book. We will dispel the notion of smarmy marketing and transform it into what it truly is: getting seen, building relationships, and standing out as an author to be remembered.

Book Marketing on a Budget

Book marketing doesn’t have to be spending money on. Are you maximizing the other tools you can use to get your book seen?

Metadata Improvement Consulting

Help more readers find your book before they even know it exists. Metadata practices often go overlooked, but they make your book the gold at the end of your reader’s treasure hunt. I’ll teach you best practices when it comes to keywords, categories, descriptions, and alt text (when applicable).

A+ Pages Consulting

You want A+ content for your book, but aren’t sure what you should put in it? We can work together to brainstorm the best way to present your book, whether it is through atmospheric description, teaser content, book comparisons, or social proof.

Readthrough Optimization

How do you get readers cycling from one of your books to the next, even if they aren’t in the same series? We can review front and endmatter practices that will help keep readers turning pages across all your books.

ARC + Street Teams

Perhaps you have a few early readers who are willing to leave a review. But you want more raving fans to spread the word about your books. I can help you with recruiting advance review team readers, best practices, FTC compliance, and engagement. 

Writer Newsletters

Make your newsletter your readers’ favorite email. We can review your current newsletter (if you have one), and talk audience segments and onboarding funnels. Best of all? Even if you’re between release announcements, we can work out a way to keep your readers engaged with you and your work.

Book Advertising Consulting

Amazon Advertising for Books

You’re ready for Amazon Ads! Or are you? I’ve managed over $240K in Amazon Advertising and am here to help. We can review Amazon Advertising and how to get it to work for your books. I specialize in Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Amazon Attribution. We will review best practices, ad structuring, and an easy optimization process.

Facebook Advertising for Books

Facebook ads are great for advertising your books, if you target them right. With over $50K ad spend in experience, I can help you get started, build audiences, select ad placement, optimize running ads, and analyse results. With me, you will have the best start possible whether you’re directing readers to your own landing page or directly to a book retailer like Amazon.

Advertising Optimization & Audits

You’ve been advertising with Meta and/or Amazon for a while now but something seems off. Others seem to have much more success and you’re not sure what the issue is. Together, we can go over your structure, targeting, audiences, and optimization approaches. I’ll make sure things are simple and clear for you to meet your next advertising goal, and beyond.

Diversify Your Bookselling

In-Person Direct Selling

You have an opportunity to sell at a convention, local fair, or market. There is more to it than showing up with a box of books. How will you take payment? Do you have signage? Do you need insurance? We can discuss your work and find the best venues for selling. Learn how to build relationships, sell directly to readers, and have everything you need at the ready.

Getting into Bookstores

You want to walk into a bookstore and find your book on the shelf. As a former bookstore buyer, I know the path to get there. With me, you can learn what bookstores look for when deciding which books to stock. Then we can work out how to best present your books so the buyer’s choice is easy.

Kickstarter Strategy

So you want to run a Kickstarter. There are so many questions to answer before beginning, let alone the confusing hurdles along the way to funding and fulfillment. I can help you assess the viability of your Kickstarter vision. We can cover the main strategy—goals, product approach, timing, and launching—and then touch on the rest: backer tiers and rewards, logistics, fulfillment, and communication strategies.

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