Hi! I’m Kate.

Kate Larking's photo. A woman with light brown hair and blue eyes wearing a Navi Zelda scarf smiling at the camera.

I have always been pulled to publishing. As a child, I worked in my local library system as a page. In high school and university, I wrote a monthly young adult novel review column for my city’s newspaper that grew to be syndicated across Canada.

In university, I studied specifically with a publishing mindset, obtaining a Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing and a minor in English. Unable to move to the publishing-focused cities of Canada, I leveraged the opportunities I could to gain more experience. Whether it was working for a small press or launching my own publishing projects, I worked hard to enter the sector I so loved.

In 2015, I started working for the University of Calgary Bookstore as the non-textbook buyer. Every season, I delved into the meter-tall piles of catalogues to select the best books for the store among all the traditionally published offerings. I honed my attunement to the nuances influencing bookstore purchases: marketing budget and materials, author track record, print runs, discount percentages, return policies, etc. I also learned how to sell books by hand, whether in store or at events.

In 2017, I started working for an indie author part time, which promptly became a full time offer of employment in just 6 hours of work. Here, I hit my stride. I had all the keys from reader, reviewer, and bookstore standpoints and I was ready to apply them to the bustling and fast-growing self-publishing industry.

In the last 6 years, I have grown and honed my skills in book marketing. Here’s a sample of some of the expertise I’ve learned:

  • Independent publishing startup and processes
  • Book optimization to enhance readthrough
  • Launch strategies to hit number one in Amazon US categories
  • Metadata and listing optimization for enhanced organic reach
  • Paid social advertising, including Meta/Facebook Ads, X/Twitter Ads, and Reddit Ads
  • Amazon advertising to leverage one of the biggest ebook markets in the world
  • Kickstarter campaigns and Backerkit backer management
  • Mailing list optimization and advance review team management
  • Social media channel management

I am ready to pass on this expertise to you. So why don’t you give me a shout and we can book a discovery call to see if I can help you where you need it.

I’ve been on panels and given presentations on book marketing internationally since 2014. The topics ranged from the inside scoop about bookstore book buying, the nitty gritty of webcomic marketing, and the main pillars of author brand marketing. I am available to be booked for presentations internationally. Please contact me regarding subject, timelines, and rates.

I was in the founding committee for the first ever Panel One Comic Creator Festival, a now-annual festival celebrating local comic creators. I served two terms on the board for the Alberta Romance Writers Association (ARWA) and one on the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association (IFWA).