Youre a writer, publisher, literary entrepreneur.

You have lofty goals and not enough time to do it all to get there.

That’s where I come in for all your book marketing needs.

Let’s navigate the write path together.

Whether you’re established and looking to increase your bandwidth to do the things only you can do, or you’re just starting out and need some advice, I am here to help. With 10 years of book marketing and publishing experience, I can get that intimidating or burdensome task on your plate done.

Book Marketing & Advertising

  • Mailing list building, segmenting, onboarding, and optimization
  • ARC and street team management
  • Frontmatter and backmatter optimization to transform a book read into whole series readthrough
  • Amazon Ad campaign strategy, creation, optimization

Kickstarter & BackerKit

  • Campaign feasibility analysis with funding goals, revenue projections, timeline
  • Backer tier and stretch goal brainstorming, creation, calculations
  • Campaign copy drafting
  • BackerKit set up (populating backer surveys, SKUs, shipping amounts, add-ons)
  • Backer updates and logistics management

Writing, Production & Launch

  • Book launch planning, from production to marketing
  • Writing career and genre coaching and guidance

Selling More Books

  • Metadata optimization services
  • A+ page strategy, plan, and creation
  • In-person event and hand-selling coaching

How can I help you?

Book Marketing Areas of Specialty

When hiring someone to work with you and your business, fit is important. Find out if we will draw out the best in each other by reviewing my specialties.

Genres & Format

  • Speculative Fiction, including Science Fiction, Gamelit/LitRPG & Fantasy
  • Queer & LGBTQIA+Fiction with Speculative Elements
  • Novels, Audiobooks, Graphic Novels (Original or Webcomic Adaptations) 

Book Retail & Distribution Platforms 

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited 
  • Wide eBook Retailers (Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, B&N etc)
  • Kickstarter and BackerKit 
  • Digital Distributors (Draft2Digital, Smashwords) 
  • Print-On-Demand Services (IngramSpark, KDP)

Experience Levels

  • Small Publishers
  • Veteran Indie Authors (6+ figures)
  • Up-and-Coming Indie Authors
  • Debut Indie Authors

The best part? I will be upfront and honest with you about where your money would be best spent. I will not let clients waste their money on book marketing tactics that won’t see good return.


Ready to level up your writing life & book marketing?