Where have you been?

Yeah, I have been off this site for some time. I kept it online, but unkempt.

Reasons why I’ve been away?

  1. New job. I have a dream job for most reader/writers out there. I am a professional book buyer for a bookstore. I hoard all the interesting things and groan whenever I am pitched yet-another hockey book. Between working overtime for events and drowning in catalogues and ARCs (advance reading copies), I have been working for some time to get my head above water.
  2. New family. My wife and I are expecting our first child in November. I am exhilarated yet terrified.
  3. New projects. I won’t lie; when my life became insane with temporary jobs before landing the book buyer gig, my enthusiasm for non-fiction had waned. My ability to write fiction, even, was depleted. Now, I have finally stabilized.
    1. Crash and Burn Comic – I am currently the writer for Crash and Burn, a queer space opera comic illustrated by Finn Lucullan. Right now, we are actually finalists for the Prix Aurora Awards put on by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association!
    2. More Anthologies РAs I got back my creative energy, I may have inadvertently started an anthology to benefit the Sirens Conference on Women in Fantasy Fiction. I love this conference and the anthology, Queens and Courtesans, is a testament to the passion a lot of the past attendees have for the conference.
    3. More fiction and non-fiction? I am working on it…

It’s been a tumultuous two years for me while I have been away from this blog. But I am happy to point out that things are settling down–and ramping up in other areas.

Anxiety Ink

I hope that I will be back here posting regularly. I have been able to keep up with a few things online in my absence from this page, most notably the Anxiety Ink blog where I still contribute regularly on Wednesdays. I hope you will take a jaunt over and see what I have been up to in the time I was away from this blog.

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