Subtext…and Ouran High School Host Club Anime

Ouran HSHC Hikaru and Kaoru

Holy hell. I fell in love with this anime, Ouran High School Host Club, in the last two days. First, Danni tells me about the first episode over write club and I think, “No fantastic elements? Maybe not for me.”

And then I watched the first episode. FUNimation has this wonderful tactic of having their anime available on Youtube.

Ouran HSHC Hikaru and Kaoru
Normal Mode

I fell especially hard for the dynamic twins, Hikaru and Kaoru. They are mischievous and devious normally, but when they act as hosts, they play up the twincest fantasy schtick for clients. Hell, they headline the twincest TV tropes page.

Ouran HSHC Hikaru and Kaoru
Ridiculous Twincest Mode

They are entirely cognizant of their schtick and admit it to the viewers. In episode four, there is a movie being shot about the host club but Hikaru wonders, “My only question is why is Kaoru the pitcher?”

Our heroine tilts her head. “Pitcher?”

The twins say, “If you don’t understand, nevermind.” And you totally get that what they said is what you thought they said.

But it was the episode below that inspired my post over on Anxiety Ink this week about subtext.


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