Story Ideas – Anime Dream Edition

Black Bullet Anime with Enju Aihara and Rentarou Satomi

Last week on Anxiety Ink, I posted about how I could get story ideas from anywhere–including spam filters.

This week, the post would probably be modified to story ideas from anime-mashups.

I woke up this morning with a story idea based on FOUR different animes. WTF.

  1. Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club made an appearance.
    Ouran HSHC Hikaru and Kaoru
  2. Along with a minor nuance from this seasons “Huh? If you’re going to aim a show at Junior High school audiences, can it at least make sense?” anime Captain Earth.
    captain earth
    Despite the name, there is little similarity to old-school, racist Captain Planet.
  3. Soul Eater made a comeback from the vintage pile o’ anime watching.
  4. Black Bullet, a new anime that moves super quickly. Episode 4 was done like a season ender, making me real confused for what’s to come.Black Bullet Anime with Enju Aihara and Rentarou Satomi

Seriously, WTF dream world? I mean, I like story ideas. But perhaps not when I have so many stories currently going on!

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