Expanding your Marketing Reach by Diversifying Media

Bring books to life by diversifying how you reach new readers.

Writers write what readers read. It really is that simple. But reaching readers–readers who will love your work–means you have to do more than just writing. Expanding your marketing reach for your books through different media is key to picking up more readers.

It seems a little backwards but you want to make it easy for your readers to find your work. The readers in your target market, the ones match up with your work the best, want to find out about you, your work, and their next read they will love.

Bring books to life by diversifying how you reach new readers.

So how can you diversify your media based entirely on your fiction? How can you repurpose your words to appeal to readers through different media?

  • Podcasts – With podcasts, you can record your readings and publish that material to appeal to those who enjoy discovering new writing through audio. You can record chapters, scenes, or short stories. If you are self-conscious about your voice, look into hiring a narrator or voice actors to really showcase your work to its merit.
  • Youtube video – Similar to podcasts, Youtube can showcase your readings or teaser pieces of your work. You can either narrate on camera, or with a static slideshow on the screen. These readings can also be great preparation for podcast interviews, Google Hangouts, and other media where you need to interact via voice and computer.
  • Quote Images – Quotes from your work can really showcase your words and draw readers in to see more. Quotes in the form of images snag attention in a textual world. You can post these images on all sorts of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr) as well as in your blog or through your email newsletter.
  • Image advent calendars – Akin to graphic quotes, creating an advent calendar that counts down the days until your book launch can generate excitement for your book and increase your traction online. For an example, take a look at the work Clare C. Marshall did at Faery Ink Press. She shared these images on Facebook and Twitter, counting down to her launch day.

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