Witches and Warriors: A Sirens Benefit Anthology

Witches and Warriors: a Sirens Benefit Anthology

Summary:Witches are often portrayed as old and frail, but they wield tremendous power whether through magic, potions or poisons. Warriors are fighters: they seem to sacrifice traditional feminine values to protect others. At least, that’s what stereotypes would have us think. Witches and Warriors seem antithetical somehow for their opposing strengths: they represent spirit and body in many ways. This collection shows they are not so different, and that these strengths are far from mutually exclusive.

This anthology includes my story “Counterclockwise”.

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Queens and Courtesans: A Sirens Benefit Anthology

Summary:Women have long wielded power in various ways. This collection explores two prominent archetypes, the Queen and the Courtesan, in memorable stories that cross speculative genres. Whether finding love or finding themselves, coming into their magic or other strengths, these complex women rise above the roles that confine them to ask: who will you be?

This anthology includes my story “Rapier Waltz”.


What Follows

What Follows

How would an Immortal deal with the End Times?

The world will inevitably come stumbling into apocalypse, and They will be there to witness it. Dryads, demi-gods, deities of every pantheon- is it possible for the Eternal to handle an ending with grace?

Should it come through disease, disaster, or religious fervor, discover What Follows…

This anthology includes my story “Silver Linings” featuring a newborn polar render, an exiled Light faery, and a Winter Queen. Also included? Work by fellow Anxiety Inkettes M. J. King and E. V. O’Day!

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Fight Like a Girl


The image of the strong female has been a pervasive one in literature through time. From Medea to Lisbeth Salander to Katniss Everdeen-we are eternally enthralled with what it takes to fight like a girl. More than just weapons in hand, we wanted to explore just what a girl’s got to do to make her way in the world and through some hairy situations. This short story anthology explores the strong female protagonist in a genre where the female is typically the “damsel in distress.”

This anthology includes my story “Huntress”. Also included? Work by fellow Anxiety Inkette M. J. King!

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