Anime: Hamatora

I am going to attempt to move away from the general caterwauling I have been doing in this blog and transition more towards my actual interests.

Lately, I have been watching a lot of anime and enjoying every minute of it. While the binge viewing puts me a little behind in life, I am now up to date on a number of series I’m enjoying.

The first one I want to talk about is Hamatora.


Hamatora is about a PI agency lead by a group of Minimum Holders. Basically, if you have a Minimum, you are able to manipulate certain things or take on the properties of that certain thing. It might be electricity manipulation or being able to see into the future.

One of the main pillars of the agency, Nice, takes on cheap cases and usually has to scrimp for his meals. He can see and move at the speed of sound waves. The other, Murasaki, is more business-sound with his case decisions, and can harden his body (without any sort of hulk-ish theatrics). While their cases tend to collide more often than not, they have to deal with certain levels of prejudice in the world (akin to the usual mutant X-Men discrimination) but also some conniving criminal activities.

The cast is a fun crew even though I don’t know a lot about them yet. The main thing I like about this is the cooperation the agency has with the police given that the superintendent is a friend and ¬†fellow graduate from the prestigious academy they all attended. It’s not the usually this-is-unnatural-and-therefore-we-won’t-investigate-it division of labour.

The art style is lovely. I love the use of gradients throughout the show in certain apparel and character appearances. It really blends the animated cel type of anime with the computer generate without making it look overly computer.

There is a manga prequel going on, somewhere, that I haven’t searched too much for. It’s just started up like the show. But I’m enjoying the refreshing anime.

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