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I am a sucker for unconventional line-art. The most recent anime that has suckerpunched me into devoting my life to it is No Game No Life.

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Isn’t that poster gorgeous? The whole show is done with non-traditional line-art, mostly red.

Shira and Sora are a sibling pair of Hikikomori NEETs who are invited into a world where games reign supreme. Shira is a genius and Sora has elite skills when it comes to detecting deception or cheating. Between the two, this world of games is in for a ride.

Hikikomori:┬áliterally means “pulling inward, being confined” is a term for social recluses or modern-hermits in Japanese culture. While Shira and Sora are relatively high functioning in their new environment, they dissolve into panic and jitters when separated.

NEETs (“Not in Education, Employment, or Training”): I studied NEETs in University for an international business class. Rebelling against the Japanese standard of the salaryman, or lifetime employment with the same company, NEETs flit between part-time jobs–maybe–but generally don’t have any ambition to contribute to society, or even the home.

Rules of the game world (thanks Wikipedia!):

  1. Any type of assault, war, and robbery shall never happen.
  2. Any conflict is resolved by games.
  3. Games shall involve bets that agreed by both sides.
  4. Under the 3rd rule, the type of game or bets are not restricted.
  5. The side being challenged can decide the type of game.
  6. Any bet under the Ten Rules must be complied.
  7. In group conflicts, representatives shall be decided.
  8. Participants instantly lost the game when getting caught of any improper actions.
  9. In god, the rules above are permanent.
  10. Let’s play peacefully, everyone!

These characters are so messed up, I adore them. Episode two brings in a girl who is compelled to fall in love with Sora, the brother, and when she does anything nice under the compelling pledges, she slams her head repeatedly into random surfaces. It’s hilarious.

Any anime that throws up gaming probabilities and logic on the screen is a winner in my book. Math geek, I know. But mix in hilarity and great art? I’m sold.

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