70 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

70 Ways to Beat Writers Block - KateLarking.com

Are you ready for it?

Kate’s comprehensive list of how to beat writer’s block!

70 Ways to Beat Writers Block - KateLarking.com

  1. Work on something else
  2. Read something
  3. Go for a run
  4. Take a walk
  5. Call a friend
  6. Ask your cat existential questions
  7. Bake dessert
  8. Cook dinner
  9. Write a blog post
  10. Craft something
  11. Go to a kickboxing class and let that frustration out
  12. Scream into a pillow
  13. Switch writing implements (Computer->Pen and paper)
  14. Take a hike
  15. Drink more coffee
  16. Brew more tea
  17. Mess something up (and don’t immediately clean it. Works better without a spouse)
  18. Go write somewhere else
  19. Browse a bookstore
  20. Shower
  21. Treat yourself to a bath
  22. Go to a gallery exhibit
  23. Click the links you usually wouldn’t on social media and read
  24. Comment on blog posts
  25. Shoot some hoops
  26. Listen to a podcast
  27. Listen to an audiobook
  28. Play a video game
  29. Watch an episode of your favourite show
  30. Write fanfic
  31. People-watch
  32. Get a massage
  33. Eat ice cream
  34. Scrapbook
  35. Freewrite
  36. Doodle
  37. Create an epic zentangle
  38. Organize your Pinterest Boards
  39. Give a picture 1,000 words
  40. Write a letter to someone you love (you can choose if you want to send it)
  41. Write a letter to someone you hate (you can choose if you want to send it)
  42. Do yoga
  43. Listen to Neil Gaiman reading stuff. Anything. Just listen
  44. Do a mind map!
  45. Nap …Or, you know, go to bed because it’s 4am.
  46. Do yardwork
  47. Grab a cup of coffee with another writer
  48. Go to a writing association meeting
  49. Hang out with a friend
  50. Go see a movie
  51. Do work (You know, actual work if you’re not a full-time writer)
  52. Browse DeviantArt
  53. Plan your book launch
  54. Read a magazine
  55. Peruse the personals or craigslist
  56. Attempt to browse in a commission-based sales arena without being spoken to
  57. Read a theoretical essay
  58. Volunteer
  59. Do a household chore
  60. Treat yourself
  61. Sexy times (alone or with a partner)
  62. Book a physical with your doctor. Suddenly, writing looks better
  63. Go out
  64. Dance
  65. Take a class in something you know nothing about
  66. Draft a meal plan
  67. Dye your hair
  68. Take photos
  69. Drink

And, finally…

  1. Stop procrastinating and write the hard stuff

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2 thoughts on “70 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

  1. diana cranstoun

    Particularly love #57. LOL. That would have anyone racing to their writing desk in relief!!


    1. Kate Larking

      I know, right? 62 snagged me this week. Ugh, necessary ugh!


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