14 Ways to Support Writers you Love!

14 ways to support writers you love! Keep your favourite authors writing! Article from KateLarking.com

14 ways to support writers you love! Keep your favourite authors writing! Article from KateLarking.com

There are tons of ways support writers, even if you don’t have the money to buy their books.

  1. Buy books. It seems really simple but it’s the foundational thing you can do to support authors.
  2. Review the book. Reviews are gold to authors. Whether you post it up on an online bookseller or a book-centric website like GoodReads, reviews help. Algorithms for visibility are based on purchases and reviews. Even if you just click the number of stars you would give a book, you are helping!
  3. Put the book on your to-read shelf on book-centric social media. The more shelves the book is on, the more visible it will be for algorithms online.
  4. Spread word of mouth. If you have a friend who would love the book, tell them. Even if you expect that your friend will find it eventually, tell them. Better yet, tell them over social media where others can see what you’re talking about. Better yet…
  5. Buy a copy for a friend and gift it. Books are awesome gifts.
  6. Find the author on social media. Like them, follow them, keep up to date. Join their e-mail newsletter if they have one. This is empowering the author-reader direct communication channels.
  7. Tell the author you liked their book! Fan mail can really give a writer a boost. You never know when they might be feeling stuck or story-flogged and even a tweet saying, “Loved you book!” can really turn their day around. You can also…
  8. Send the author a picture of you reading their book. Writers are always looking for visual means to market so that they can enhance their reach beyond the written word. Instagram that book!
  9. Read the book in public places–if appropriate. If you’ve ever been on the bus, you know you checked out the spine of a book someone was reading. If you’re reading a 14A book-cover physical copy, read it where people can scan the spine and feel like powerful superspies–even though you set them up.
  10. Cheerlead the author through their process. Knowing someone is ultimately waiting for the next instalment can light the fire under the writer to type faster!
  11. Go to readings. Whether they are in workshops or indie bookstores or conferences, go support the author. Take some friends. Make it a date. It’s cheaper than a movie and it will give you something to talk about.
  12. Hook the author up. Not on dates, but with contacts that you have that can help the author out. You have an author who is looking hot spots in your city? Connect them with booksellers you know.
  13. Borrow the book from the library. Show libraries that there is demand for that author and that they should secure more copies or book licenses.
  14. Ask for it at a bookstore. Even if you already have it, ask the staff where the books are and raise┬áthe profile of the author. If you don’t have a copy already, buy it locally! The more books purchased by that author of their newest book, the more of the next book the store will order in. (While you’re there, face the books out because you like covert operations like that.)

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