10 Creative Pin Marketing Ideas for Writers on Pinterest

Pinterest Author Marketing creative pins

Part three for Pinterest!

Authors work with words. It’s a known fact, not that radical. So how does one make the best of a social media based on images when one deals primarily with text?

We have already gone through Secret Boards and Group Boards. So what about the actual pins?

Pinterest Author Marketing creative pins10 Creative Pin Marketing Ideas for Writers on Pinterest

  1. Make an infographic based on your books! This works very well for non-fiction writers. For creative writers and novelists, you can outline relationships and family trees, too.
  2. Pin art and crafts based on your work to your boards! If someone does fan art, ask if you can showcase it on your blog and pin it (with full attribution to their brilliant work, of course!)
  3. Create quotation images based on your work. There are web-based programs out there that you can use (Pinwords or Share as Image.)
  4. Detail recipes from your book! Make that photo look succulent.
  5. Hold a cocktail contest and post the submissions in the form of pinned images. These can be drinks from your book or inspired by your characters. This interacts well with your blog and other social media platforms.
  6. Photograph your work-in-progress. Show your readers how much red ink you have on your book and how awesome you’ll make it when it gets put back together!
  7. Curate countdown images or quotes for your book launch. Pin each one in a similar format and line the top or side with your book’s release day and title.
  8. Pin the covers for your short stories that are available on your blog. This can work great for luring readers into reading a prequel (and point them to there they can get the full book!)
  9. Make a checklist graphic based on your genre. Zombie apocalypse preparedness, anyone?
  10. Craft a trope bingo card for your genre and see how people react. (Then proceed to murder every trope in your book by subverting expectations).

Got any more ideas? Shout them out in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “10 Creative Pin Marketing Ideas for Writers on Pinterest

  1. Jessica L. Jackson

    10 brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us, Kate.


    1. Kate Larking

      Sure thing! Let me know if you use any and how they worked 🙂


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